ACH Authorization Forms

We get it.  Old habits are hard to break.  Your current manual paper process is working.  But at what cost?   Sure, you can use paper forms, however did you know that you can easily electronic invoice your B2B clients from within Quickbooks in real-time and automatically post back the payments safely and securely via ACH (or card at Level 3 Interchange).

Manaully handling paper is time consuming and storing sensitive payment data creates security and liability issues.  Turn to business process automation to stay competitive.  Software as a service models are delivering affordable new solutions that not only fit your budget but provide a healthy ROI.   Arrange a demo of e-invoicing and billing solutions to securely capture, store and set recurring payment profiles via ACH and break the paper habit for good. 

Best Practices to accept eCheck and ACH payments

  • Obtain your customer's authorization to electronically debit their checking account.  Be sure to safely store this sensitive payment data!
  • For checks by phone, send a confirmation email and notice. 
  • For electronic recovery, notify customers of the use of electronic re-presentment for NSF items.   You can email this notification or display it on your web site.  The basic notification states that the state allowed fee will be changed on NSF items.
  • Strongly consider using robust cloud based payment solutions to automate your billing processes to securely obtain, store and manage authorization and payment data.

Download these Free ACH Authorization forms:

  • Check by Phone Authorization Notification Form
  • Account Debt Form
  • Recurring ACH Debit Authorization
  • Single ACH Debit Authorization

Or avoid the paper chase involved with setting up traditional ACH debits.  Rather than having to hassle your customers to submit a copy of a cancelled check or deposit slip with a signed authorization form, upgrade to an electronic invoicing solution

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