by Ty Hardison

Cloud computing may be the future of eCommerce

There have been many conflicting articles about the future of eCommerce buying, mainly because technology providers keep innovating to enhance the value of their solution.

For example, yesterday this blog explained how the rise of NFC was evoking concern from a number of eCommerce providers, but that doesn't mean the online shopping industry is going away. In fact, it probably just puts more pressure on organizations in that field to innovate and find new ways to supply products and accept payments over the internet. The answer to that may be in cloud computing.

According to an article in the online publication The Financial Channel, eCommerce buying is actually going to expand this year. Bob Cohen, a marketing professional, told the news source that this is because eCommerce providers are implementing new solutions such as the cloud to better manage customer transactions and view sensitive data. 

"This year, marked by a continued focus on better managing spend, and increasing profitability, companies will continue to require real-time visibility and control over finances," Cohen said. "While the challenges and goals remain the same, in 2013 we expect to see an explosion in mobility, social collaboration, cloud-based services and other trends that are redefining the way people work. Business commerce networks will continue to grow as they enable companies to conduct P2P transactions more effectively, gain critical insights into savings opportunities, and better manage cash flow."

However, companies that invest in cloud solutions to more efficiently manage their sales channels still have to follow best practices when it comes to processing payments and storing customer information. PCI compliance must be attained and vendors should ensure they are doing what it takes to reduce processing fees. Working with a B2B payments provider can give vendors the tools needed to properly process all online payments.  

by Ty Hardison

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