by Ty Hardison

eCommerce grows as it becomes easier to set up

Many small businesses are having success with their eCommerce efforts, mainly because of modern technology. Today, it is easier to set up a website than ever before, which means companies with limited resources can develop powerful shopping portals and increase online sales.

An article in the online publication Small Biz Trends suggests that online sales in the SMB realm will reach new heights in 2013, mainly because of the limited resources it requires to set up a new site. 

"Developing a money-maker site is now easier and cheaper than ever. A host of online marketing technologies now offer 'freemium' versions, and thanks to advancements in tag management, adding a ‘Pay Now' button to your website is as easy as adding an app to your smartphone," writes Philip Klein, the author of the article. "With simple website applications available at little to no cost, small businesses are running low on excuses for dated, stagnant sites that don't serve their businesses."

However, companies that conduct B2B sales online must understand that proper investments have to be made in order to properly process payments from their customer. A B2B payment gateway is essential as it will allow vendors to accept purchasing card payments, process level 3 data with line item detail and, ultimately, save the organization money. Each payment requires vendors to pay a fee. Accepting standard cards such as Visa will cost much more than accepting business p cards. 

Small businesses that use free tools to launch their own eCommerce site are clearly looking for ways to save money on crucial expenses. Processing payments with level 3 data is simply another  - and arguably more effective - way to accomplish this. Working with a B2B payments consultant can let vendors acquire the tools needed to process these sorts of transactions. 


by Ty Hardison

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