by Ty Hardison

How developers can capitalize on a manufacturers' need to adapt

In an ever-evolving marketplace, flexibility may be the most essential quality a company can possess. The ability to adapt to the needs of customers quickly and effectively will be what sets one organization apart from its competitors. The level of success one has at doing so may be what determines its future economic viability. 

For manufacturers, this is crucial. Competition in this industry is always high, so it's important to find ways to maintain the ability to keep up with the needs of the customer base. According to an article in Manufacturing Business Technology, this is true regardless of the type of transactions the business conducts, whether they are B2C, B2B or B2G.

"Manufacturing success today depends on flexibility and innovation," writes Ranga Bodla, the article's author. "It demands streamlined business operations and granular visibility into all costs associated with a product. Collaboration with global suppliers, distributors and logistics providers is essential to optimizing supply networks to meet the speed and quality expectations of B2B and B2C buyers alike."

Again, this is a tremendous opportunity for developers, particularly those who concentrate on ERP systems for manufacturers. Companies making products for both businesses and consumers know that they have to always be prepared to make adjustments when customer requests call for it. If manufacturers begin to increase their presence in the B2B space, they may develop an instant need to accommodate both their customers and their own financial needs by initiating Level 3 processing

Developers that obtain the API needed to implement this function into their ERP systems will go a long way toward improving their own efforts by giving customers what they need to quickly manage changes to their operations. Working with a B2B payments consultant can help developers acquire the right solution to fit their system.

by Ty Hardison

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