by Ty Hardison

How do you save money on payment processing?

Vendors are in the business of selling products and making money. Companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns with the sole purpose of increasing interest in a product or service, selling more of it and, ultimately, enhancing profitability. It should be noted, though, that simply making more sales isn't the only way to make more money. Optimizing the value of every transaction is crucial, which is why vendors have to be cognizant of the data they process.

Processing level 3 data with line item detail is the best way for organizations to ensure they are reducing fees on each transaction. This means that if an organizations is to buy 10 different items from your company, processing the data that individualizes each product will save money. Some credit card companies charge excessive amounts for processing transactions made with their cards, but processing the line item detail of commercial cards will go along way toward alleviating some of those charges. 

It's important to note that traditional card reading systems cannot process level 3 data. Therefore, companies conducting B2B sales won't be able to process line item detail and reduce transactional fees without procuring the right system. Vendors must implement payment solutions designed to process this information. It's a smart investment because it will save organizations money every time it is used.

The more payments a company processes, the stronger return it will receive on its investment. If you are a company with a growing customer base, this investment is a must. You should be able to grow as a business with confidence. Companies cannot be held back by their transactions. By working with a B2B payments provider, organizations can obtain the tools and skills needed to successfully implement a payment gateway designed to process level 3 data. 

by Ty Hardison

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