by Ty Hardison

How should students go about preparing for their careers

They say college represents the best years in any person's life. The social situations and the freedom may outweigh classroom experiences, particularly for current students, but that should not undermine the importance of what college is all about - preparing one's self for a professional future. Today, given the state of the economy these past four years, students have an even bigger responsibility, as they must take proper steps to prepare themselves for an uncertain job market.

An article in The Arkansas Traveler examines the current landscape of the post-graduate life in The Natural State, but really the conclusions made can be applied throughout the country. The article references a survey of University of Arkansas graduates that found a surprising majority were able to find steady employment after college. The belief is that Arkansas' career development department - which encourages career consideration as early as freshman year - has helped many graduates land jobs right out of school.

However, Mason Sams, the author of the article, believes that even with the considerable resources at their disposal, preparation may be difficult for any student.

"This begs the question," Sams writes. "What and how does a student prepare for the job market?"

For starters, students should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about their interests and, rather than trying to earn a degree, should be using college as a way to prepare to enter the workforce. It's also important for students to consider innovations made in whatever industry interests them.

Take finance for example. Technology is changing the nature of finance because new payment solutions are always being developed. The B2B payments industry, more specifically, is one that is constantly changing. It was only a few years ago when checks were the only thing businesses used to pay their vendors. Today, checks have been replaced by cards, which are quickly being replaced by mobile devices.

It's an exciting time to join a B2B payments consultancy firm because there is no telling what tomorrow brings. Those interested should contact a payments firm, as the industry is always looking to add bright, talented minds to the fold.

by Ty Hardison

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