by Ty Hardison

Impending study to showcase impact of eCommerce on B2B sector

The eCommerce software provider and Vantage B2B partner hybris is continuing to examine the impact of eCommerce on the B2B sector, and it is expected to unveil results of a new study at the inaugural Game Plan B2B E-Commerce Forum being held in Chicago.

The study, titled "eCommerce Is Fundamentally Changing B2B," was conducted by Forrester and has determined that eCommerce is fundamentally changing the way B2B merchants both acquire and retain their customers, according to a hybris press release. This complements trends in the industry, as more business procurement specialists are opting to buy online versus traditional methods. 

The study is expected to provide major insights into the eCommerce industry and discuss the size of the impact eCommerce is having on the B2B sector.

"This is the most comprehensive global study on B2B eCommerce to date," said Brian Walker, senior vice president, strategy, hybris. "Until now, B2B executives couldn't effectively determine the best course of action for implementing eCommerce solutions because the market was lacking this information. This breakthrough report provides data that B2B executives can use to determine the best course of action in regards to the timing and scope of investment. The time is now to invest in e-commerce capabilities, and the companies that are already doing so are seeing results—revenue."

We will be sure to provide all the news and insights from the study once the results are unveiled. In the meantime, B2B merchants should understand that while eCommerce can have an impact on their sales and marketing efforts, they will need to obtain the right payments platform for B2B payments

by Ty Hardison

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