by Ty Hardison

Improved customer experience is critical for successful B2B sales

Those on the outside may not see much of a difference between companies that operate in the B2C sector as opposed to B2B.

With a B2C sale, you are selling directly to the end user, but with a B2B sale, you could be dealing with one procurement specialist that is making a purchase for a company with a few employees or hundreds of employees. On top of that, the chances of a company needing to replace technology more often is higher, as the newest systems are critical for daily operations.

A recent article from Small Business Trends featured interviews with several members of the invitation-only organization Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). They were all asked a single question: "What's your best sales tip of B2B companies?"

There were many different answers given, which included educating customers instead of selling to them, having sales numbers on hand, and adding value outside of your central product and service. In the end, however, it comes down to the customer experience.

"In a B2B business, your best clients and relationships will come from networking and referrals from existing clients," Richard Lorenzen, the CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands said. "Maintaining your visibility at industry events, get-togethers, parties and trade shows is key. The highest-quality and most loyal clients will most often come from personal relationships, rather than traditional advertising."

To provide the best experience, B2B companies need to offer services that consumers demand. These include Level 3 data, line item detail and p card processing.

by Ty Hardison

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