by Ty Hardison

Manufacturers expect big things from eCommerce this year, but must improve data integration

B2B providers in manufacturing and wholesale industries are optimistic about the future of selling online, even if they don't necessarily have the tools to capitalize on it. According to a survey of 100 professionals in the sector, the overwhelming consensus is that eCommerce revenue is on the rise and could increase by as much as 6 percent by the time 2013 is over. However, the marriage between eCommerce and ERP systems—among other solutions commonly found in those industries—has been rocky at best thus far.

This concept has been discussed in great detail, and now more analysts are agreeing with this sentiment. A recent article in the online publication Manufacturing Digital recently stressed the point that eCommerce operations will fail in the manufacturing and wholesale space if companies are unable to integrate their eCommerce numbers with the rest of their system data.

"Despite the significant progress made by B2B organizations, there is still more that these organizations could do to fully integrate ecommerce into their operations, truly maximizing its value," wrote Jonny Williamson, the article's author.

Finding a solution that can both integrate with ERP solutions, protect customer information and help attain PCI compliance, streamline the payment process and improve the overall profitability of each transaction is ideal. While it may sound like a high mountain to climb, there are solutions that can ease the entire process.

The partnership of hybris and SAP, which was documented earlier this year, can improve the way companies integrate data from online sales into the rest of their operations. In addition, combining hybris with payment solutions from Vantage B2B will allow companies to maximize the value of their transactions by paying the lowest possible interchange rate. 

by Ty Hardison

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