by Ty Hardison

More businesses buying software online What it means for B2B vendors

Software vendors have long relied on B2B sales to keep their operations afloat. As consumers become increasingly cognizant of different ways to obtain software solutions for personal use, the B2B model is still very much the same. Sales, deployment costs and user license fees will forever be staples of software transactions between two companies, but those transactions are shifting in how they transpire.

Today, it's rare for salesmen to travel to other offices, perform operational assessments, sell a product and bring in specialists to implement it. In 2013, more companies than ever are opting to acquire new business software solutions online.

In fact, according to eCommerce specialist Avengate, software sales are going to be primarily online within the next year. Michael Ni, Avengate's chief marketing officer, spoke with PCR-Online about this growing trend. He said that the percentage of software transactions conducted online is going to double within the next year.

"Analysts tell us that while 30 percent of software is sold online today, that will increase to 70 percent by 2014," Ni said. "This means the entire software channel's mentality has to change from box shifting to bit shifting."

It also means that vendors will have to be considerate of the way they process payments for software. Establishing a solid online payment gateway is necessary to offer a secure checkout and to ensure vendors are not being overcharged for payment processing. By processing p card payments with level 3 data, vendors can save a tremendous amount of money on processing fees. This will go a long way toward helping software vendors improve profits and grow as organizations. Additionally, by using tokenization, vendors can store sensitive customer data offsite and protect it from targeted attacks, which can assist efforts in maintaining PCI compliance

Working with a B2B payments professional can help software vendors ensure they are prepared to keep up with an influx of online sales.

by Ty Hardison

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