by Ty Hardison

More e-commerce trends to keep an eye on in 2013: Why payment solution testing will be crucial

Yesterday, this blog mentioned the rise in big data in the e-commerce industry and how those processing B2B payments have incorporate that information into operations while upholding a maximum level of data security. That will likely be an ongoing issue throughout the next 12 months with a substantial amount of give and take. It also isn't the only big change coming in the next year that B2B vendors must be mindful of.

One of the biggest trends heading into the new year, according to an article in Forbes, is testing. All e-commerce websites, regardless of their customer base, rely on a series of Web-based applications. To ensure customers receive a pleasant, safe and efficient shopping experience, those apps must be properly tested. According to Paul Dunay, the author of the article, testing is more important now than ever before.

"Companies big and small have dabbled in testing for a decade," Dunay wrote. "But now, everyone has to get serious about it. Companies that don't test won't get anywhere near providing the best online experiences for their audience."

Providing the best experience is essentially the name of the game. Businesses are just like consumers, and if they are dissatisfied with a vendor's products or services, they will likely look elsewhere, as long as they are not locked into a specified contract. Testing is just one of the many things vendors can do to help their own cause.

An e-commerce shopping cart is one of many apps that must be tested. Ultimately, vendors have to provide secure checkout without compromising the timeliness of order or payment processing. A safe shopping cart that doesn't process orders in full due to a software bug won't do customers or companies any favors.

As we move into 2013, working with a payment solutions provider will help companies ensure they are properly equipped to keep up with testing, among any other trends dominating the e-commerce landscape.


by Ty Hardison

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