by Ty Hardison

Obtaining our API will help your efforts as a software developer

The ERP user community has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, as technological advancements have allowed companies of all sizes and a myriad of industries gain the advantages of using an all inclusive software system. Traditionally, ERP solutions had been designated to large manufacturers, but today virtually any organization can use a system to improve efficiency and collaboration efforts. 

Online shopping has grown in popularity concurrently with the expansion of ERP systems. As such, companies have been able to integrate their eCommerce platforms with their ERP systems, integrating the data from their sales with their remaining accounting applications. While it's true that there have been issues concerning ERP's viability in the eCommerce space, developers have been hard at work creating solutions to get the most out of the marriage between ERP and eCommerce. 

However, the advancement of technology has led to a drastic rise in expectations. Businesses that sell online may be gaining the ability to integrate transactional data with other accounting information, but there are certain components of payment processing that also must be addressed in order for vendors to obtain the greatest possible value from their systems.

For example, the ability to process Level 3 data and pay the lowest possible interchange rate is an important need shared by virtually every vendor across the business landscape. For companies relying on a developer to build integrated applications to fuel their payment processing, this can be a challenge but it can also be an opportunity. 

In today's marketplace, all companies need to find an edge over their competitors. Vendors look for ways to improve their customer's shopping experience by enhancing information security measures and the efficiency of payment processing. Developers can accomplish something similar by providing vendors with the payment solutions needed to further their efforts.

Suppose a company was in the market for an ERP system that can manage its manufacturing, industry and accounting tasks. Many solutions offer the same benefits—they are efficient, they bolster productivity and they promote collaboration, among other advantages—so how does one particular system appear more attractive than an other? Offering key advantages such as an ability to process Level 3 data can set one developer's solution apart from the rest.

As a developer, working with Vantage B2B will let you obtain the API needed to integrate the features of our payment gateway into your system. This will ultimately allow you to offer the functionality needed for Level 3 processing. Your customers will be grateful knowing that they can maximize the potential of each transaction because they will be processing appropriate data and paying the lowest possible interchange rate. 

The payments industry is moving quickly and new technologies are providing both customers and their vendors with innovative solutions to improve the transactional experience. Failure to keep up with technological changes can result in a number of problems, meaning that as a developer, your customers will be frantically looking for ways to maintain the viability in an increasingly complex space. Providing them with the ability to maximize their profit potential by obtaining the right payment processing solution will allow you to take a leadership role in your own industry. 

by Ty Hardison

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