by Ty Hardison

Processing level 3 data can help vendors beat the competition

Today it seems that business procurement specialists are taking longer to make up their mind when it comes to evaluating vendors. There is a likely reason for this. In today's information age, individuals have access to more vendors than ever before.

The rise of B2B eCommerce means that not only will procurement specialists be able to find more vendors to sell the products and services they are looking for, but they can take more time with each vendor and have the flexibility to do more homework and increase the depth of their evaluation. This, of course, puts more pressure on merchants.

It's said that competition spurs innovation. As the market becomes increasingly saturated, companies that don't adapt - usually from a technology angle - will falter. That's why vendors have to ensure they are in position to accept any and all kinds of payments and, perhaps most important, process level 3 data.

Imagine that you are an office supplies provider trying to break into new markets. Any potential company has a myriad of options to choose from, so how does one stand out above the competition? It's likely that prices, selection and service will be relatively similar across the board, at least to a point where one vendor won't have an advantage over another. If this is the case, companies must find ways to attract new business.

Many companies will likely pay for products with a p card, so accepting this payment method is crucial. Companies that don't will be left behind. Moreover, companies that implement payment solutions that promote more efficient processing will likely appear more attractive to customers. Working with a B2B payments consultant can allow vendors to acquire the solutions needed to process level 3 payments more efficiently and stand out in a competitive industry. 

by Ty Hardison

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