by Ty Hardison

Processing p card payments can help vendors save money on customer acquisition costs

Acquiring new business should be the goal of every B2B vendor in 2013. Any new customers are, at least on paper, a positive for the organization. However, as every business knows, winning new clients isn't cheap, and the costs of acquiring new customers is expected to be a topic of much debate in the coming year.

An article in the online publication Customer Think lists nine B2B sales predictions for 2013, and the reworking of acquisition budgets is right near the top of the list. Matt Heinz, the author of the article, suggests companies are going to be more about innovation in the coming year, as they find new ways to save money across the board.

"Smart organizations will continue to reduce their marketing budgets as a percentege of revenue and acquisition costs," Heinz writes. "This doesn't mean they'll spend less in 2013 than 2012, but means the relative spend per new customer will decrease as they get better and smarter at leveraging significantly lower-cost tactics such as content marketing, lead nurturing, social selling and more."

These are all solid points, but vendors can also save on customer acquisition costs by changing the way they process payments. P card payments featuring level 3 data can cost a vendor less money to process, so investing in payment solutions needed for this kind of action can result in decreased spending and increased profits.

Working with a B2B payments provider will allow companies to acquire all the tools needed to better process business payments. By doing this, vendors will enjoy an even greater benefit once they win new business and they will be able to capitalize financially on a growing customer base.

by Ty Hardison

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