by Ty Hardison

Study: 40 percent of businesses leave vendors without online shopping capabilities

When procurement specialists purchase new products and services for their organization, they have a specific set of expectations going in to the transaction. They want a sense of professionalism offered by B2B vendors, but many also want the simplicity and innovation seen in the B2C sector.

According to a new study released by commerce software provider Hybris, more businesses are looking for a buying experience similar to that of B2C e-Commerce. In fact, the study reveals that 40 percent of businesses have switched providers simply because they are unable to receive the online service they desire.

 In a statement on the company's website, Hybris informs customers that while having a B2C online shopping experience is desirable, there are many nuances that comes with B2B buying that must be observed.

"Consumers who enjoy the sophisticated e-Commerce features of their favorite retailers work businesses," the statement says. "And as business customers, they are starting to demand that their B2B vendors to offer a comparable e-Commerce experiences. But customer relationships and transactions can be more complex in the B2B world. Traditional B2C commerce solutions just don't support B2B complexity."

Ultimately, it's up to the vendor to offer an enjoyable, professional and secure shopping environment. Offering secure checkout solutions and using tokenization to store customer data offsite are important because they improve a vendor's reputation and help maintain PCI compliance. This will also give customers the peace of mind in knowing their information is safe while providing them with a pleasant shopping experience.

As the year comes to a close, more companies will start thinking about their purchases for 2013, so now is the time for vendors to invest in payment solutions designed to offer their customers a proper online shopping experience. Working with a B2B payments provider can allow companies to acquire the tools they need to implement this technology. 


by Ty Hardison

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