by Ty Hardison

The importance of credibility in online B2B sales

Credibility is of the utmost importance and is a crucial factor for virtually every organization, perhaps none moreso than businesses selling to other companies. 

B2B sales can only be successful if both sides of the transaction establish a trust with one another. In today's uncertain economic landscape, profit margins drive virtually every business decision, so companies aren't going to want to work with other organizations if they think doing so will negatively affect their profits. 

It all comes down to credibility, because vendors have to ensure their customers that they follow best practices regarding service, delivery, payment processing and data security. This is particularly true online, as it's often likely that the two parties will never meet face to face. If a procurement specialist is going to pay a vendor without meeting the salesperson face-to-face, that merchant better make a compelling argument in his or her favor.

An article in the online publication Business 2 Community lists credibility as the most important factor to consider for online shops.

"Establishing your credibility as a vendor is important since you need to gain your customer's trust before they purchase wares from you," writes Leiden Johnson, the article's author. "You can boost your credibility by selling quality products and offering excellent customer service to the people who had enough faith to transact with you. This can prompt them to leave you good feedback. They can also recommend you to their friends who might be interested in purchasing some of the products that you sell. You can post testimonials of your customers in your e-commerce website as proof that you provide great products and services."

Of course, a vendor must actually be credible if it is to promote its credibility. One way to help prove this is by following best practices pertaining to the security of customer information. Tokenization allows vendors to store customer data offsite and away from targeted attacks. Doing this will help businesses go a long way toward attaining PCI compliance, thus helping prove credibility to a potentially wary customer. 

by Ty Hardison

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