by Ty Hardison

Tokenization is an ideal payment solution on Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year. In a couple of days, we'll all sit around the table, eat turkey, watch football and enjoy the company of our family. But once that's over, the weekend becomes about one thing and one thing only - shopping.

Some people will get up at the crack of dawn - or even before then - and head out to the stores for Black Friday deals. Others wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving - now referred to as Cyber Monday - and do all their shopping online. But unlike the Friday at the brick and mortar retailers, Monday's specials are not exclusive to consumer shopping.

These days, B2B eCommerce vendors are taking advantage of the day and offering sales, even if their products have nothing to do with holiday shopping. However, the growing amount of businesses jumping into the Cyber Monday pool only increases the amount of traffic on that day, which could compromise server strength and customer information security. That's why companies must implement a secure checkout solution.

Just as B2B vendors have become cognizant of the opportunities presented on Cyber Monday, so have online criminals. They know there will be a spike in activity that day so many target their attacks in ways that take advantage of any unique vulnerabilities. If a vendor's servers encounter challenges due to increased workload, they might be vulnerable for a security breach.

That's why it's important to keep customer information off-site. Using tokenization to store information outside of company servers can eliminate the risk of a targeted attack. Contacting a B2B payments provider can help vendors acquire this solution so they can have a successful Cyber Monday without putting their customers' data in danger.



by Ty Hardison

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