by Ty Hardison

Understanding critical PCI compliance requirements Always follow policies and procedures

This blog has spoken a lot about PCI compliance and how various payment solutions can put vendors on the right path towards attaining it, but there is more to understand than that. In order to truly become PCI compliant, merchants have to understand all requirements that must be followed.

Charles Denyer, a PCI compliance consultant, recently put out a press release in which he examined the number of pertinent requirements that all organizations must follow if they want to become and remain compliant. Chief among them was the importance of reading and understanding all policies and procedures.

"Organizations spend so much time - rightfully so - on the technical merits of PCI compliance that they fail to recognize the importance of having documented PCI compliance policies and procedures in place," the release says. "Who wants to spend countless hours developing these documents? Find a credible, high-quality template online and save hundreds of hours."

Vendors that understand each procedure can put themselves in good position to maintain compliance, which can help them in their business endeavors. Businesses want to know that their information is safe, because any breach of data could put them in serious financial jeopardy. Most merchants that aren't PCI compliant likely won't have any success in growing their business and attracting new customers.

Tokenization is still the ideal method vendors should use to achieve PCI compliance. It keeps sensitive customer data offsite and away from targeted attacks. Should a hacker find his or her way into a vendor's servers, they will not be able to obtain private information that could assist with their criminal activity.

Working with a B2B payments consultant can help vendors obtain a tokenization solution and attain PCI compliance. 

by Ty Hardison

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