by Ty Hardison

VantageB2B partners with hybris software solutions

For over 15 years, hybris has been a leading commerce platform provider, allowing businesses to streamline their sales processes with innovative products and services. As this blog has stated in the past, today's increasingly digital society requires vendors to offer customers a quick, easy and efficient shopping experience. However, a quality shopping platform is only half of the equation, and vendors must also obtain solutions to process payments in a cost-effective manner. That's where VantageB2B comes into play.

We are proud to announce we have partnered with hybris to offer customers a best-in-class online sales and payment processing system that will serve as the gold standard in B2B eCommerce solutions. We are excited to be joining an ambitious enterprise to assist such a fast-growing industry.

Pat Finn, vice president of channels, Americas, at hybris, spoke in a press release about the current trend in B2B sales and expressed that bringing the payment solution online will be truly beneficial to those partaking in such processes. 

"As a result of vendors increasing the functionality of their eCommerce platforms to handle more complex B2B product information, contract management and pricing rules, companies in B2B eCommerce are pushing the purchase finalization process online as well," Finn said. "Our partnership with VantageB2B perfectly marries their expertise, best practices and specialized tools to deliver Level 3 card payments with the industry's most modern B2B commerce solution from hybris to help support this business requirement."

We look forward to establishing a long-standing relationship with hybris as we enhance the B2B eCommerce industry as a whole. Companies that have expressed interest in hybris or have worked with them in the past should look no further than VantageB2B to obtain the right payment solutions to service customers while reducing processing fees and optimizing the value of each transaction.

by Ty Hardison

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