by Ty Hardison

Why an mCommerce solution is crucial during the busy end-of-year period

The end of the year is a busy time for all kinds of shopping. Merchants selling consumer goods certainly have to be cognizant of the spike in activity during the holidays, but those selling to other businesses have to prepare themselves for this time as well.

The end of the year means renewed budgets and the evaluation of new business solutions for the next year. Procurement specialists spend this time researching and buying new products and services to prepare their respective companies for the challenges that come along with a new calendar. Throw that in with the challenges that typically come with the holiday season—reduced staff, sporadic schedules and an increase in holiday shopping traffic if your organization sells both business and consumer products—and you may find yourself under a lot of pressure.

An article in CIO offers tips for any eCommerce merchant to survive the impending holiday rush, and while these suggestions most certainly apply to companies selling directly to consumers, they can offer many advantages to merchants selling to businesses and processing B2B payments. Mobility is one of the more important suggestions. 

Ken Barber, an mCommerce professional, spoke with the news source about this.

"Last Black Friday, one in four U.S. retail website visits were from mobile shoppers," he said. "This year it is expected to reach at least one in three. Given that the majority of mobile shoppers will abandon a website if it's not mobile friendly, it's essential to launch a mobile-optimized version of your website."

This concept can apply to B2B shopping during the season because busy procurement specialists will want a way to buy on the go. If your site is not optimized for mobile presentation, you will have a hard time attracting new business. Remember, a gateway optimized for mobility will also have to be optimized for B2B transactions if that is a major part of your business. Working with a payment solutions provider can help obtain the solutions you need. 

by Ty Hardison

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