by Ty Hardison

Why eCommerce won't be a part of your business—it will be your business

Because eCommerce is still a relatively new sales platform, it's easy to see why many merchants only consider it an additional part of their business. Traditional methods like over-the-phone and face-to-face sales are what built their organization, so that's what they focus on. Generating revenue via eCommerce payments only supplements the business, it doesn't run it.

However, in 2013, that attitude needs to change.

That's according to Linda Taddonio, Insite's Chief eCommerce Strategist, who spoke with about the opportunities wasted by vendors that haven't fully embraced eCommerce. She said this is most prevalent in the manufacturing industry, where organizations haven't allowed it to completely drive their business. Taddonio told the news source this will have to change as more customers shift from traditional buying environments to the internet, although she is optimistic that this change will happen.

"Manufacturers are going to follow in this path," she said. "They're going to start to wake up and realize it's a part of their overall business strategy, not a separate part of their business strategy."

Fully embracing eCommerce as the primary source of revenue may take some time, but it is necessary and will be even more so as online buying continues to grow. This will require the implementation of solutions that not only cater to B2B payments, but help attain PCI compliance. Vantage B2B can offer the solutions needed to process Level 3 data, as well as a payment tokenization system that stores online customer data in a secure location that protects it from targeted attacks.

by Ty Hardison

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