by Ty Hardison

Why the right mobile solutions can help salespeople on the go qualify for the lowest possible interchange rate

It's been said that the advancement of technology has reduced the need to leave the office. Employees can connect with each other across great distances via video conferencing and other innovative forms of communication, which can certainly help establish stronger remote connections, but it doesn't necessarily mitigate the need for travel. Despite advancements in online selling and the growth of eCommerce, travel is still required of many sales professionals. And while these individuals may have a traditional profession, they too are being helped by modern technology.

Salesman traveling to other companies to finalize deals with procurement specialists are not going at it alone. They are bringing technology with them to facilitate each transaction. Today, that technology is typically a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile devices can keep sales professionals connected with their home office and allow them to process B2B payments. But, even though these transactions aren't taking place in an eCommerce environment, merchants must still ensure they are processing Level 3 data and qualifying for the lowest possible interchange rate. 

Typically, these transactions will be processed by sliding the customer's purchasing card on a smartphone attachment. The merchant can then view and manage customer data on the device's screen. Payments can be processed quickly and efficiently without having to use a desktop computer or traditional point of sale solution. Additionally, implementing a Level 3 Anywhere-Platform allows merchants to process payments quickly on the go while still qualifying for the lowest possible rates and maximizing the value of each transaction. 

by Ty Hardison

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