Embrace the benefits of debit payments to lower your overall accounts receivable cost

Setting up your business to accept electronic checks (e-checks) and process ACH payments is a good strategic payment policy for small and mid-sized businesses.  And with the proliferation of business debit cards as standard issue with business checking accounts, we are seeing increased usage of debit acceptance as an even easier way to pay.

We have multiple solutions to help you easily manage one time, repeat and recurring billing profiles, setting up your customers to auto pay either by debit card or by ACH from within the same system including automatically syncing to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and Peachtree accounting packages.

Substantial savings over credit card fees

Steering your customers to ACH & business debit card payments can lower your overall payment processing costs.  As of October 2011, the majority of debit card transactions are regulated by the Fed which fixed regulated debit pricing at 0.05% + $0.22, meaning that business debit cards are price competitive with ACH in many instances.  

  • Accept checks over the web; checks by phone; or email invoices with e-check payment option
  • Schedule one-time or recurring debits from your customer’s business checking account
  • Opt out of credit card acceptance and exclusively accept debit card transactions only

Use ACH to recovery bad checks

Our ACH processing includes built in electronic recovery and collection services.

  • NSF items resubmitted automatically
  • Free recovery on all returned items

Accept eCheck ACH & debit cards from a single platform

  • Gain work flow efficiencies, better record keeping and reporting
  • Online reporting will display settlement and reject reports
  • No additional equipment or software to purchase, learn or manage

Use your own bank to process your ACH file

If you prefer, you may also generate your own ACH (NACHA files) that you can forward to your bank for processing.  All you need to set this up is your Originating bank’s routing and account number.

  • Format ACH files to send or receive funds
  • Follow your banks instructions to securely submit the ACH file to your bank
  • You will need to manually manage NSF response from your financial institution

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Add eCheck and ACH procesing to your payment acceptance mix

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