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abas ERP  Acucharge Level 3 payment module at a Glance

Cloud ERP business management software for SMBs

From wholesale distributors and retailers to manufacturing and software firms, small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) of all types are looking to mobilize their employees. With Acumatica’s cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, SMBs can empower their people to work anywhere, anytime, on any device for a faster, more responsive workforce.

As a cloud ERP system with seamless suite integration, Acumatica offers web browser-based accounting, inventory management and financial management applications that give businesses the technology they need to tap into the growing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend while keeping their data secure.

Acumatica’s fully-integrated, flexible cloud business management software includes:

  • A financial management suite that helps organizations navigate complex requirements with a core set of financial modules
  • A distribution management suite distributors can use to manage purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory, filling orders and delivering customer support
  • A manufacturing management suite that integrates production planning and shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting and financial reporting
  • A project accounting suite that manages budgeting, inventory, timesheets, billing, profitability and reporting for individual business initiatives
  • A customer management suite that integrates sales, marketing and customer service with financials to help close more sales and improve customer loyalty

AcuCharge for Acumatica

The AcuCharge Level 3 payment module for Acumatica is specifically designed for the Acumatica platform which will allow users to process and qualify credit and debit card transactions at incentive Visa Level 3 and MasterCard Data Rate 3 Interchange—delivering significant ongoing processing savings on each transaction.

With commercial card usage and acceptance growing in popularity for B2B sales, AcuCharge for Acumatica offers users a best-in-class card payment solution that lowers the cost of accepting commercial card payments by submitting line item detail and meeting best practice requirements to qualify sale transactions for the lowest available Interchange rates.

    • AcuCharge Level 3 meets the growing demand by commercial card customers for suppliers to pass Level 3 data when processing payments including new GSA government purchasing requirements.
    • The AcuCharge Level 3 module includes complimentary consulting on best practices, payment data analytics and savings analysis to help Acumatica clients realize the full benefits of Level 3 Interchange savings.
    • The AcuCharge payment module is fully integrated into Acumatica utilizing secure hosted checkout and tokenization of sensitive payment data to reduce PCI scope to SAQ A, with only 13 questions, no quarterly scan and no pen testing!
    • The AcuCharge license package includes transaction and monthly gateway fees, help desk and annual support.

Vantage provides AcuCharge license at a discount to Acumatica clients with full support and PayView Interchange management services to save thousands of dollars on their bottom lines every month.

If your business is looking to unlock Interchange savings, click here to learn more about AcuCharge for Acumatica.