A Feature-Rich, Secure and Affordable Business Payment Processing Platform

Setting up your business to accept purchasing cards for payment is different than establishing a standard retail merchant account or MOTO merchant account. Level 3 merchant services are required to qualify for the best available Interchange rates.  

Most businesses are still using business to consumer (B2C) payment technology not capable of passing invoice level detail. Implementing Level 3 payment technology provides significant ROI.  Read more on the financial consequences of implementing the wrong payment solution.

  • Level 3 Merchant Services
    Qualify for the best Interchange rates for both your consumer and commercial card payments
  • eCheck and ACH Services
    Lower you overall payment processing costs by steering clients to lower cost ACH transactions
  • Consolidate Card and ACH payment methods into a single system
    EMV Card, MOTO, e-commerce, echeck and ACH payments managed by single payment gateway
  • Subscription & Recurring billing
    Automate billing for repeat customers for both card or ACH payments
  • Electronic invoice presentment & payment
    Email invoices with a secure payment button and receive payment on-line
  • eCommerce processing
    Your custom payment page secures online payments and serves as a virtual sales force 24/7
  • Business Mobile App
    Add a card reader to your Apple or Adroid phone for Level 3 card acceptance on the GO
  • Quickbooks integration
    Process commercial card transactions at Level 3 Interchange rates in real-time within QuickBooks
  • PCI data security
    Securely transmit, process and store sensitive payment data off-site and off your network
  • Custom API Development
    Build your own Level 3 payment Level 3 payment module into your operating software

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