Earn rebates on card payments and turn your AP department into a revenue center

Here are the Key Points of the SunGard AP service

  • SunGard can take your existing payment file(s) coming out of your QuickBooks, Sage, Great Plains or other system.
  • SunGard will print your checks and send your ACHs for you.
  • Today your check printing process with check stock, toner, postage, envelopes, and labor costs you $1.50 - $3.00 per check. 
  • Your cost with SunGard would only be $0.80 per check – cutting your costs dramatically.
  • SunGard will also work with Vantage to migrate your AP vendors from check to card payments.
  • Those card payments are issued by SunGard and SunGard’s partner and are “pre-funded” by you.
  • Every dollar spent on the card gives you approximate cash back of 1.5% of that amount monthly.
  • If you spend $10,000 in AP card payments in one month, you’d received $150 back the following month.
  • Card transactions are free – so every check you move to card saves you the cost of the check and then gets you the rebate.

If you are interested in learning more, let’s set up a call to discuss. In prep for that call:

  • How many payments are you making per month?
  • What % are by paper check?
  • What is your total monthly AP spend?

Contact Ty Hardison at 800-397-2380 x14 or at [email protected]