A payment API for developers with a business-to-business (B2B) focus

Let us help you develop your own tailored B2B payment module to differentiate your solution.   Don’t be at a disadvantage designing your solutions with a B2C payment technology stack.  Qualifying for Level 3 and Data Rate 3 Interchange can generate significant ROI contribution with bottom line card processing savings. Tokenization of payment data can greatly reduce annual PCI DSS compliance costs. 

  • Differentiate your payment acceptance options with our Level 3 B2B payments API.
  • Don’t settle for integrating just another business-to-consumer (B2C) payment gateway.
  • Select a payments API that can process both consumer and commercial cards at the very lowest rates available.
  • Read more about the consequences of developing the wrong payments platform.

Developer highlights

  • Scalable secure payments API
  • Operating system and platform independent
  • Detailed API integration guide and responsive support
  • Code Samples in C++, PHP,VB, ASP VB, NET, ColdFusion, Java and Ruby
  • Free Test account
  • Request Sandbox Account

A Feature Rich API

  • Process credit card and e-check/ACH and gift transactions
  • Supports line item detail to qualify for incentive Level 3 data rates
  • Supports cardholder service fee business models
  • Store customer profiles
  • Process recurring payments
  • Custom Reporting capabilities
  • Email receipts
  • Email invoices with payment links

In addition to card payment processing; our gateway is feature rich, supporting customer profile and card data storage, invoicing, secure checkout, recurring billing, ACH, gift card and more.

The API and development kit is free and integration support is provided to you at no cost. We can provide sample code based on your programming language, demo accounts for testing and responsive technical assistance.

Of course, adding Level 3 capability for your clients accepting commercial cards differentiates your solution and more importantly lowers their overall bottom-line processing expenses. By implementing our API you can help your clients identify commercial card transactions capable of Level 3 Interchange then prompt for additional information, significantly reducing excessive data entry. In addition, our solution can be set to automatically populate data for Level 3 transactions, further maximizing system efficiency.

Your Level 3 payments API integration with Vantage means Interchange pass-through pricing to lower commercial and GSA-purchasing card acceptance expenses; improved operational efficiency and reduced risk and PCI card data security compliance costs for you and your valued clients.

PCI card data security

  • Encrpyted Fields
  • Free Tokenization

PCI card data security is an important issue for businesses accepting card payments today. Use our API to securely store customer profiles and payment data. Secure checkout integration provides real-time payments without collecting, transmitting, storing or even touching cardholder data for one-time, repeat and recurring billing. Our well documented API can show you how to architect your solution to stay out of scope with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards using a tokenization solution. We can provide sample code and responsive technical support to make implementation fast and easy.

Recognize the B2B payment opportunity

  • Rev Share
  • Straight forward Level 3 Interchage pricing
  • No contracts
  • Supports turn-key full service processing or bring your own MID business models

Along with growth in commercial card payment volume, more and more business-to-business and business-to-government buyers require the seller to provide line item invoice data when accepting their commercial card payment. Consumer oriented payment gateways are not capable of meeting business, corporate and purchasing card requirements like our Level 3 payment gateway API.

Most businesses accepting payments from other businesses and government agencies are NOT qualifying for the best available Interchange rates because their merchant account is not set up properly. And most business software developers and system integrators have yet to embed Level 3 technology. Recognizing this before your peers and competitors, your integration of Level 3 payment processing opens enormous opportunity.

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