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abas ERP

ERP for custom manufacturing

abas is an innovator of ERP solutions for mid-sized businesses. abas ERP maximizes flexibility and can be customized to fit a company’s specific requirements. abas ERP maintains user friendliness by simplifying navigation, allowing users to adapt easily to their new software. Furthermore, abas ERP can be easily upgraded despite the degree to which it has been customized, making it a long term, sustainable solution.

Manufacturing in the U.S. has advanced into an industry where complex products and processes allow for mass customization. For more than 35 years, abas has helped firms in custom manufacturing, automotive, electronics, metal fabrication, industrial machinery, biomedical, as well as serial production, distribution and process industries use abas ERP to optimize their processes and react quickly to changes in their business environment.

Smart industry-specific solutions

abas PAY is a feature rich Level 3 payment processing solution that can lower the cost of getting paid. With commercial card usage and acceptance increasing in popularity for business to business transactions, processing these payments using abas PAY means abas ERP clients save thousands by qualifying for the lowest available interchange rates from Visa and MasterCard. Tokenization security keeps multiple cards on file for repeat and returning customers to easily finalize orders and supports recurring and subscription billing.

abas ERP professionals help transition clients from manual processes to unlock their teams’ potential. Equipped with abas ERP, businesses can do more than simply go paperless. abas’ advanced planning and scheduling solutions, mobile apps and ecommerce systems give organizations the agility they need to better serve their customers, all the while collecting data they can harness to reduce costs, boost productivity and accelerate growth.

Integrating seamlessly across multiple functions, abas ERP helps teams at all stages of the business process improve their effectiveness. Specifically, abas has solutions tailored for:

  • Management
  • Finance, Accounting & Payment
  • IT & Administration
  • Production & Supply

If you’re looking to empower your employees while driving engagement, growth and ROI across your business, click here to learn more about abas ERP.