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Price Reporter  
Price Reporter Level 3 Processing at a Glance 

GSA Order Management for multi-channel retailers and drop shippers

Price Reporter's flagship solution called Quick Sales is an automated, cloud-based system, specifically developed to improve GSA order flow in all stages including:

  • Invoicing & bill payment
  • GSA Level 3 purchasing card processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Order tracking.

When an order is first placed with Quick Sales, the platform instantly identifies the best source for each product, taking into account cost, availability and shipping fees, seamlessly integrating catalog information from multiple channels. Throughout the sales and delivery process, Quick Sales provides a client relationship management service that hosts all interactions between a reseller and its customers, from quotes to order status updates and tracking.

Leveraging Vantage’s B2G payment processing services, Quick Sales fully supports enhanced level 3 data requirements for GSA p-card purchases. With no extra effort on the part of the user, Quick Sales processes GSA payments meeting Level 3 interchange and qualifying them for reduced rates, resulting in savings thousands of dollars on their bottom line.

As a centralized, cloud-based solution, Quick Sales can also prepare custom reports in minutes that would take days to assemble in a non-automated system. Despite its powerful functionality, Quick Sales is remarkably simple to integrate into your billing system. Quick Sales can automatically transfer all orders, invoices, payments and other information entered into a variety of billing systems, including Quick Books, eliminating the need for double data entry.

GSA and DOD Contract Management

GSA and DOD contract regulations are difficult to keep up with, especially when vendors organize their accounts manually. Price Reporter's complete turnkey catalog and price management solution gives SMBs the power to easily and efficiently manage their catalogs so they can adapt to changes in the GSA market as they arise.

Price Reporter's turnkey solution gives SMBs the power to maximize their competitiveness within the GSA and DOD marketplace with the following features:

  • Competition reporting
  • Price optimization
  • Online reporting, monitoring and analytics
  • Custom Marketing Intelligence Research
  • Catalog preparation, approval and upload services

For a complete list of Price Reporter functionalities that can make your business more agile and efficient, contact Price Reporter today.