Automated bill pay delivers timely collections & client loyalty

Recent studies conclude that the benefits of automated bill pay extend beyond cost reduction, to include strengthening customer relationships through increased customer satisfaction.  Clearly making the payment process convenient benefits both parties.  Beyond the technical capability, trust and data security are the keys to long term success.

Speaking of technical capabilities, we have multiple invoicing solutions to help you easily manage repeat and recurring billing profiles, setting up your customers to auto pay either by card or by ACH from within the same system.

Recurring Billing 

Simplify your billing using easy to use features like setting up a recurring payment by defining a dollar amount and the frequency of the transaction. Once a recurring payment has been created, it will process automatically. Recurring payments can be reviewed, modified, and canceled at any time.

Repeat Payments

Or if you have regular customers but their payment amounts or intervals vary, use the repeat payment features to quickly and efficiently process these transactions. Repeat payments can be made at any interval and for any amount and you can process repeat payments for individual customers or for multiple customers at one time.  The key is that the payments are processed using billing information that is stored in a customer profile. This will eliminate the need for you to repeatedly collect payment information from your customers.

Recurring and repeat payment features are also support with our secure payments API and our partner to sync data to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage (Peachtree) and other accounting packages. 

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