Partner Profile: Informediate

Informediate Level 3 at a Glance | Building a B2B Payments Module Case Study

Enterprise Solutions and Business Intelligence for Wholesale Distributors

Informediate, founded in 1976, gives small to mid-sized wholesale distributors the resources and insight they need to take their growth to the next level with its SourceWare Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool. SourceWare offers SMBs the data integration, operational modules and beginning-to-end functionality they might find from larger ERP providers in a solution designed and developed specifically with smaller, rapidly growing wholesale distributors in mind.

Built on LAMP technology stack and offering both hosted and on-premise options, Informediate’s ERP solution quickly and efficiently collects and integrates data providing:

  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Financial Management
  • Sales & Order Servicing
  • B2B Level 3 Payment Processing
  • B2B eCommerce

Through its partnership with Vantage, Informediate SourceWare provides businesses with commercial payment processing optimized so that B2B distributors can qualify for incentive Level 3 interchange rates.

Data-backed decision-making

Once collected, Informediate turns data into powerful, easy-to-reference information with a suite of Business Intelligence tools designed to serve wholesale distribution. As web browser-based solutions, businesses can use these tools to harness the power of their data without installing dedicated hardware or complicated configurations.

WebQuery allows distributors to create, publish and schedule custom reports in a matter of seconds. FlashReview organizes data into customizable mobile dashboards for at-a-glance referencing. ExecuKeys makes data visual, creating personalized graphical dashboards that can be used to identify the root causes of both problems and successes.

With InControl, Informediate expands these BI functionalities to include even data stored outside a business’s ERP system. InControl’s ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) utilities can automatically pull data from remote or non-SQL databases to ensure the BI tools paint a complete picture of your company’s data landscape.

If you are looking for business technology to turn your data from an obstacle into an asset, contact Informediate at, or give them a call (888-854-2677) today.