Partner Profile: GreeneStep Technologies

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B2B eCommerce for Wholesale Distributors

Among the functionalities GreeneStep offers SMBs, perhaps the most robust is its integrated ecommerce module. Complete with real-time project tracking, order status and inventory management, this powerful solution gives wholesale distributors deeper oversight of their ecommerce functions.

GreeneStep's ecommerce solution supports the following features required for optimal B2B transactions:

  • Invoice billing
  • Level 3 card payment processing
  • Credit limits
  • Multiple shipment addresses
  • Batch-processing
  • Quantity-based pricing
  • Drop-ship orders

Working with Vantage, GreeneStep provides a commercial payment gateway specifically designed to meet the needs of B2B and B2G distributors that makes it easier than ever to qualify for incentive Level 3 interchange rates.

"Big Business" amenities for SMB

GreeneStep's ecommerce solution also shines at the micro level by layering on ERP products designed to streamline the omni-channel functions of retail, wholesale and service industry merchants. GreeneStep brings together ecommerce with ERP, CRM, data analytics and B2B payment processing, in a single, integrated system. This direct integration allows companies to become more agile, using their own enterprise data to react quickly to changes in their business.

GreeneStep's business management software is perfect for growing distributors who find their small point solutions too inefficient to keep up with their increased business needs. GreeneStep integrates the services small businesses may have previously received from several separate providers, such as QuickBooks, Salesforce CRM, Sage or Macola, into a single software solution that proves more valuable than the sum of its parts. Combining these services gives distributors the tools to discover operational insights they can leverage to optimize profitability, reduce operational costs, build customer satisfaction and seize opportunities for growth without spending a fortune integrating their ecommerce with their software. In addition, GreeneStep provides in-depth support for the entire system in one stop.

If you are looking for business technology to become more productive while lowering costs, contact GreeneStep Technologies today.