by Ty Hardison

Google teams up with B2B eCommerce vendors

While eCommerce vendors in the B2C sector have always benefited from the help of big-name partners such as eBay and Amazon, B2B online sellers have traditionally been left out. That could soon be changing, as a major company may soon be providing a tremendous assistance to all B2B eCommerce companies. 

Earlier this week, Google announced that it will be supporting B2B transactions in its Google Sales service, which will help suppliers make a name for themselves online and increase visibility online - a crucial component of many modern marketing strategies. Instead of existing in an open space on the World Wide Web with no way to represent themselves, online business suppliers will be able to verify themselves with Google to ensure they are found by potential customers.

"The benefits of becoming a Google Verified Supplier include getting a badge on your listings and having products show ahead of those from unverified suppliers," Marvin wrote. "The company also notes that as a Google Verified Supplier 'your products appear higher in the Sponsored results section on Google' as well."

This, however, does not change the fact that online vendors should obey all rules and regulations pertaining to B2B payments and security. In fact, some companies may find themselves dealing with increased levels of business, meaning they will have to work even harder to ensure they are protecting customer information and maintaining PCI compliance. It also means that it's even more important for vendors to reduce individual payment processing fees. If vendors are processing a greater number of online payments, higher fees will add up quickly.

Accepting level 3 data with line item detail and implementing a tokenization solution designed to keep customer data offsite and away from targeted attacks will help vendors manage any challenges that come with business growth. 

by Ty Hardison

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