by Ty Hardison

Personalized nature of eCommerce attracting B2B procurement specialists

Earlier this month, Acquity Group put out its 2013 State of B2B Procurement Study, which found a number of companies are starting to rely on eCommerce options to handle company purchasing. This makes sense, as the functionality of the internet and how consumers interact with it continues to evolve.

In a recent Manufacturing Business Technology guest column, Bob Barr, the senior vice president of Acquity Group, spoke about the different reasons that companies are seeking out eCommerce options.

He mentions several reasons why procurement specialists are trying to find a similar experience that can be found with B2C purchases. In the piece, he touches on numerous topics, including search capabilities, content management and the ability to offer a more personalized experience.

"When manufacturing customers shop consumer websites, they find a sophisticated range of features that personalize the experience to their individual buying preferences," Barr writes. "Today's eCommerce technology enables manufacturers to deliver a similar level of personalization through real-time product recommendations, bestseller lists and capabilities that leverage the customer's buying history and other information to create a tailored digital experience."

Despite the majority of the interaction being done through a computer or mobile device screen, a simple big data solution can create a real-time personalized feel that suggests products based on past orders. 

While having an eCommerce option will help with sales numbers, going above and beyond will help grow the business and make clients choose you over the competition. To do this, businesses need to incorporate features like Level 3 data and the ability to accept p cards.

by Ty Hardison

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