by Ty Hardison

The importance of 'frictionless shopping'

One of the crucial components of an eCommerce platform is the ability to provide customers with an easy buying experience that makes them want to return to your online store. We have discussed the topic of customer commerce in the past, and there are many ways you, as a merchant, can increase return business by compelling customers to come back. 

An article in Real Business examined a couple of them, referring to them as tools for "frictionless shopping." Paul Brewster, the article's author, suggests following the Amazon model. The company has developed internal technologies to improve the buying experience and the satisfaction of its customers. One such example is one-click shopping. This saves customers' information and saves them from having to re-enter information when making subsequent purchases. 

As a B2B provider, this is a valuable function. Procurement specialists are busy and don't have time to enter their information every time they make a payment. Providing one click checkout will help your customers save time and will likely increase their desire to buy from your organization. Ultimately, that's the most important aspect of doing business. 

"Frictionless e-commerce is about exceeding the expectations of your shoppers," Brewster wrote. "It is NOT about fancy graphics or having the lowest prices on the web. Do not create unnecessary friction by forcing your customers to jump through hoops or go around in circles, chasing their tail to make a purchase!"

Of course, while one click checkout is a valuable time saver, you must also protect your customers' information. Payment tokenization will help by storing that saved data offsite, protecting it from targeted attacks. This will add another layer to your service and increase your value in the mind of your potential customers. 

by Ty Hardison

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