by Ty Hardison

The importance of integration in your B2B eCommerce solution

When launching any business application, integration with front and backend systems is crucial. B2B eCommerce is no different. Companies that sell to other organizations must be able to efficiently process B2B payments and, as more procurement specialists turn to the internet for purchasing, it's up to vendors to obtain the best payment solutions to accomodate this need.

This sentiment was expressed in an article in the online publication The Next Women. The piece listed five rules of B2B eCommerce that must be followed by each vendor. Systems integration was one of the top rules.

"eCommerce is an extension of your business," the article said. "Therefore integration with multiple systems, especially core systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), or content management system (CMS) applications is essential."

The article went on to showcase the importance of integration by citing Forrester's research, which found that in two years the number of integrations to support web requirements will rise from around 10 to more than 20.

Given the numerous factors surrounding card processing, it's crucial for integration to work properly. The ability to attain PCI compliance and pay the lowest possible interchange rate are important needs, and they can be attained if a vendor's eCommerce solution integrates with a solution that offers this functionality. By then linking the system back to the rest of a company's accounting applications, vendors can greatly improve their operations and maximize the value of each transaction.

Developers that obtain Vantage B2B's API can integrate these functions into their software and improve themselves by offering a stronger solution, while also enhancing the operations of their customers.  

by Ty Hardison

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