by Ty Hardison

Vantage B2B to take part in manufacturing eCommerce Webinar

As eCommerce continues to proliferate the B2B space, it has become increasingly important for traditional B2B organizations, such as manufacturers, to understand the best practices and obtain the proper tools that pertain to online transactions. That's why is set to host a Webinar next month on eCommerce and Vantage B2B is proud to take part in the effort. 

On November 5, will host the webinar as a means to educate manufacturers about eCommerce. Some of the key areas being addressed during this event will be the rise of online shopping in the B2B sector and what best practices need to be followed (and for that matter, what worst practices need to be eliminated) for businesses to ensure success with their online endeavors.

The second section of the Webinar will feature a roundtable discussion about eCommerce and Vantage B2B will be there to discuss payment processing. 

This event comes at an important time because B2B payments are being facilitated online with purchasing cards at an incredible rate. As this blog mentioned recently, commercial and other p card usage has grown this year. That number is only going to continue to climb. These cards are different than consumer cards in that they require transactional line item detail. This is just one of many instances where B2B companies processing online payments (in this case, manufacturers) must utilize specific tools to ensure they maximize the value of their transactions.

Procuring the right B2B eCommerce platform that can support commercial card payment acceptance is important because implementing the wrong solution can have major consequences. Merchants who invest in the right solutions can receive a strong return on investment because they will be equipped with what they need for Level 3 processing, which allows them to qualify for the lowest possible interchange rate. 

Finally, we'll discuss the security behind eCommerce processing. Using secure checkout and payment tokenization from our PCI DSS 2.0 level 1 compliant payment data processing center will allow you to stay out of scope for PCI DSS, which lowers compliance costs.

We will go into greater detail in all of these topics and more during the Webinar, so we look forward to seeing you there. The event will be held on Tuesday, November 5, at 11 AM Eastern Time. Click here to register.

by Ty Hardison

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