by Ty Hardison

Why integrating Level 3 processing functionality can help ERP developers compete with the industry's major players

As an independent ERP software vendor, competing with the major market players can be intimidating. Companies want solutions they can trust, which often means partnering with brands they have heard of. 

For example, a recent blog post in the online publication ERP Software Selections listed eight of the top ERP vendors in the world. They are, in no particular order: SAP, Oracle Systems, Epicor, Microsoft, Sage, Netsuite, Blue Link and Deacom. Most people who aren't even involved in ERP procurement have heard of many of these names and those who do buy business software are likely familiar with all of them. 

In fact, while these are some of the top vendors, there are many more out there in this increasingly crowded space. 

"There are many great ERP solutions available and this only scratches the surface of the mainstream ERP market," the blog post said.

Given this level of competition, developers must find ways to not only compete with more recognizable vendors, but also set themselves apart from the crowd. Those developing for wholesale distributors can do so by obtaining the API that allows their customers to process Level 3 data. This helps vendors that process government and B2B payments maximize the value of each transaction because they qualify for the lowest possible interchange rate.

ERP solutions are at a disadvantage when they misappropriate a B2C payment gateway or provider.  Qualifying for Level 3 Interchange can generate significant ROI contribution with bottom line card processing savings and GSA (government) card transactions often require line item data.

by Ty Hardison

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