by Ty Hardison

Will the sequester have an effect on B2G payments?

Changes to government spending can have a drastic effect on suppliers, so vendors must ensure they are cognizant of the latest news regarding the finances of our public offices.

The sequester has dominated recent headlines and, while the complexity of the event is likely lost on the average American, it can be simplified into one basic fact: government spending will be cut. While sources say much of the cuts will be focused on Medicare, the effects should be felt across the board.

Over the weekend, President Barack Obama spoke with reporters about how he was going to handle the sequester with both members of Congress and his Cabinet. 

"We are going to manage as best we can," Obama said. "I will continue to seek out partners on the other side of the aisle so that we can create the kind of balanced approach of spending cuts, revenues, entitlement reform that everyone knows is the right way to do that,"

Vendors accepting B2G payments may soon find drastic changes in the behavior of their customers, so they may have to adjust their own practices in order to keep up. Obtaining proper payment solutions is crucial in a time like this because vendors must be able to accommodate their customer's needs.

Additionally, if spending is decreased, some vendors that rely on government supply to fuel their business may find themselves struggling to bring in steady revenue. Therefore, it becomes even more important to maximize the value of each transaction. Processing level 3 payment data with line item detail is the best way to do this because it can ensure the lowest possible interchange rate. This can help vendors supplying to government agencies maintain their economic viability regardless of the changes made in public spending.

by Ty Hardison

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