When paper checks dominate, the Lockbox rules

Lockbox services were once only available and cost effective for the largest of companies. Today, lockbox services are included in the suite of trade credit tools available to small and mid-sized business. Lockbox services are superior to both manual check deposits and remote capture scanners, providing your business a competitive advantage, saving time and speeding cash flow.

Think about it… No check imager to buy or install, to learn or operate, to warranty or maintain. No software to license or version to upgrade. No mail to open, no checks to scan. No manual payment matching. No delay when the person who is assigned this task is out sick or on vacation. No risk of check data compromise.

Lockbox Benefits

  • Increase productivity with lower operational expenses, freeing more time to focus on high level activities.
  • Speed mail delivery and rapid deposit funding to your bank.
  • Reduce the risk and cost of potential fraud.
  • Optimize cash flow for increased capital availability with faster payment cycles on invoices.
  • Reduce unproductive accounting time spent manually matching and applying payments and generating reconciliation reports.

We have lockbox solutions available for both small and large billers at all sophistication levels.  We also offer electronic lockbox services handling paperless checks. 

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